Our approach

Our approach is Service oriented and client friendly, we understand the requirements of the client and the organisation size and potentiality, the ability to grow business with right kind of staff and improve productivity with efficient staff. Our expert team can recommend the standards and staff size in accordance with Australian work commission regulations. We take on board responsibility right from selection of candidate to maintaining their pay and emoluments to that of their timely payment, pay roll services, Staff cover and welfare.

This facility lessens the extra burden of the client in handling their staff and can concentrate more to enhance their business improvisation and technology improvement and expansion areas.


Pre-Employment Services

Analyse Job requirement

Our expert team analyses duties and responsibilities required for the job profile and scrutinizes the resumes with the best suitable candidates. Matesglobal has access to thousands of candidates through our recruitment database and we also operate a referral scheme to attract more candidates for genuine people to the roles we market. CV searching, qualification of work history and education to suit the roles. Choosing the Right Profile

We are unique in the way we match candidates to our clients. Without meeting someone face to face you cannot make an accurate assessment of their skills, abilities, attitude, desire, behaviour and passion for the opportunity they are applying for. We have developed a system which describes their attributes and vital understanding about the candidate. This method has proven to be very successful in placing the right person at the right place for the right job.

Skill testing

Before we recruit and employ the candidates in the workforce, we feel it is our responsibility and prime consideration to test the skills the candidates possess to perform to the fullest ability while on job. Hence, we Shortlist the candidates based on their skills and experiences for the role. We assess and match candidates on the basis of their core competencies like

  • Self-motivation
  • Self-desire
  • Passionate about the profession
  • Attitudes and beliefs
  • Maturity & judgement
  • Stability & persistence
  • Educational background
  • Key roles in the past experience

Interview stage

Once the candidate match the requirements and suffice the credentials, Mates global team performs a thorough face-to-face meetings to ensure understanding of your needs and culture with the candidates for in-depth analysis of their current role, other credentials the candidates possesses and personal circumstances before finalising the job offer. Hiring managers are expert and efficient in judging people-management skills.

Pre-employment checks

Our success is reliant on close working relationships and understanding of client process combined with experience in the industry and the functionality of the business. We conduct vigorous security background checks.

Post-Employment Services

  1. Employment Record maintenance
  2. Candidate Counselling and Induction
  3. Work Cover facilities
  4. Pay roll and Benefit services
  5. Arbitration and Staff behaviour


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