Tips and Advice

Job searching is challenging and in order to find the right position you need to be able to show you are the best candidate for the position. We have included below a few tips on how to succeed at interview.

How to prepare for interview?

Getting ready for the interview is a critical part of the job search. The candidate must satisfy the interviewer that they are the best candidate for the job.

Tips and guidelines are as follows.

  1. Doing the home work: Research the company as it only shows initiative but it will help you convey how your contribution can add value to the company.
  2. Arrive on Time: Never be late to the interview and the first impression counts.  Remember to carry the contact person details with whom you just in case you are running late.
  3. Be prepared: The candidate should be well prepared for the interview and be aware of the range of questions that could be asked . Expect the worst ever questions in the interview, few of the questions are common in nature for eg. Why do you want to work here? Or why should we hire you? Practice a mock interview.
  4. Proper dress sense: The first appearance leaves a positive or negative impression with the interviewer, so ensure you dress appropriately for the job you are applying for.
  5. Be confident and active: While facing the interview you should be confident and be energetic with a positive approach for the questions been asked. You should sell yourself effectively and care should be taken not to over emphasize and praise self too much, just focus on the strengths, abilities, experiences and the skills you possess and can help the organisation.
  6. References are important and normally you are requested to provide at least three references from former managers, colleagues or senior people with whom you have worked. You should always let the referee know that you included them as a contact.
  7. Take with you copies of resume’s, evidence of qualifications and other documents which you believe the interviewer will want to see.
  8. Answer the interviewer questions as clearly as possible and ensure you answer the question.  Always questions about the role, company and the industry. This will demonstrate that you have the reasonable knowledge about the company and you want to add to your knowledge.
  9. After the interview if you do not receive a response within a reasonable time, you contact the interviewer either by phone or e-mail, thanking them for the time allowed to you and asking them for an update on the recruitment status.
  10. Consider obtaining professional help in preparing the Resume. Always keep it up to date. Include a customised cover letter when sending your Resume.