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PRE-Employment Services



Submit Job vacancy

Dear client, It is our pleasure to serve you with the best of the recruitment solutions. Please let us know your details of job requirement.

Analyse Job requirements

Our team analyses the responsibility, role and amount of workers required for the job profile and scrutinizes the resumes to find the best suitable candidates. Mates Workforce has access to a number of candidates through our recruitment database.

Interview stage

Mates Workforce team performs a face-to-face meeting once candidates match the client's requirements. This is to ensure that the candidate's personality is analysed in-depth for the role, they are compared with credentials of the other candidates and their personal circumstances are known before finalizing the job offer.


Mates Workforce proven client approach process ensures we provide you the best labour solution for your business. By outsourcing this function to the Mates Workforce it allows your staff to focus on growing your business. We take on board responsibility right from the selection of a candidate to maintaining their pay and emoluments to that of their timely payment, pay roll services, Staff cover and welfare.

Mates Workforces proven approach ensures that we provide our clients with the best labour solution. By outsourcing the recruitment process from us it allows owners to focus on growing their business and other important commitments.

At Mates workforce we take the responsibility from the interviews and selection of the candidates to payroll services, staff cover and welfare.