Employers / Our Requirement Process

Our focus

Our main focus is to work with clients to understand their requirements and use our strong selection process to ensure we only provide the best candidates for the required role.

We also aim to lessen our client’s administrative burden by managing the payroll process and invoices of the employed labour. Providing a safe working environment for our employees and contractors is also one of our main priorities.

We provide occupational health and safety inductions for our employees/contractors before they are allocated to our clients to ensure they are prepared.

What we do best

We provide short term labour to various industries no matter the size of the business. Labour Hire is an effective way of covering short term needs, vacancies and annual leave, projects or a way of allowing to focus on the business rather than managing day to day labour requirements. By outsourcing this function all you do is advise us the labour required.

The industry sectors we provide labour to are:

  • Office Support
  • Construction Labour
  • Warehouse Staff
  • Truck and forklift Operators
  • Farm workers
  • Process Workers

Our approach

Our approach is service oriented, we understand the needs of the client as well as how the right kind of staff could possibly improve productivity in the workplace. We take on-board responsibility right from the selection of a candidate to maintaining their pay and emoluments. This includes timely payment, pay roll services, staff cover and welfare.

Mates Workforce’s proven client approach process ensures we provide our them with the best labour solution for their business. By outsourcing this function, it allows staff to focus on growing the business.

This facility lessens the extra burden of the client having to handle their staff and allows them to concentrate more on their business improvisation.


Pre-employment service


Analyse Job Requirements

Our team analyses the responsibility, role and amount of workers required for the job profile and scrutinizes the resumes to find the best suitable candidates. Mates Workforce has access to a number of candidates through our recruitment database.

Skill testing

Before we recruit and employ the candidates in the workplace, we feel it is our responsibility to test the skills that the candidates possess. This ensures their ability to perform to the fullest while working. Hence, we shortlist the candidates based on the skills and experience required for the role.

Pre-employment checks

Our success is reliant on close working relationships and understanding of client process combined with experience in the industry and the functionality of the business. We conduct rigorous security background checks on candidates to make sure we have a safe work environment.

Choosing the Right Profile

We are unique in the way we match candidates to our clients. Without meeting someone face to face you cannot make an accurate assessment of their skills, abilities, attitude, desire, behaviour and passion for the opportunity they are applying for. We have developed a system which describes their attributes and vital understanding of the candidate. This method has proven to be very successful in placing the right person at the right place for the right job.

Interview stage

Mates Workforce team performs a face-to-face meeting once candidates match the client's requirements. This is to ensure that the candidate's personality is analysed in-depth for the role, they are compared with credentials of the other candidates and their personal circumstances are known before finalising the job offer.


Post-employment service

Mates Workforce is also able to provide post-employment services to our Clients. These includes:

  • Employment Record maintenance
  • Candidate Counselling and Induction
  • Work Cover services
  • Pay Roll and Benefit services
  • Arbitration and Staff behaviour